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“The Fretboard Atlas” is your one-stop-shop for everything to do with playing the guitar. No matter if you’re a total beginner or a seasoned professional, I want to help you to improve your skills as a musician, and to become as versatile as possible on the guitar.


I’ve called this channel “The Fretboard Atlas” because what I’m going to give you every week will become your map to achieving your guitar goals. Every month on The Fretboard Atlas we’re going to work on new material, new techniques, and new ways to approach both the guitar and music itself. I want to help you to build your repertoire of songs and tunes, to build your understanding of how music works, and most importantly I want to cover all the topics and areas that you want to learn about!


I’ve divided “The Fretboard Atlas” into five distinct areas:


All Things Guitar” is where we’re going to learn about lots of different guitar styles and techniques. We’re going to cover Fingerpicking, Flatpicking, Thumbpicking, and Extended Techniques like guitar percussion, tapping, and alternate tunings. We’re also going to cover the worlds of Jazz, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, and a lot more.


Under The Hood” is where we’re going to learn about how music works. We’re going to look in-depth at how to begin improvising, how to visualise the guitar fretboard, some useful music theory, and some practical tips about equipment, practise, and life as a working musician.


Traditional Irish Music” is where we’re going to learn a lot about the style of music that I consider my “native language” in music. Not only will we cover the different styles of Irish tunes, but we’re also going to learn about how to put sets of tunes together, how to take inspiration from Trad music, and how to approach it as a fingerpicker, as a flatpicker, and as a rhythm player. You'll also have a new "Tune Of The Week" to learn and dissect each week!


Interviews and Extras” is where I’m going to bring you interviews with some of my connections in the world of music, and I’m going to get them to reveal some of the secrets that make them so good! You’ll also get a look at all the “behind-the-scenes” material I’m filming at home, in-studio, and on the road.


Finally, in “Shane’s Originals”, I am going to bring you through my catalogue of original music in minute detail. You will learn about my composition and arrangement process, how I think about the music I compose, and how to take some of my tips into your own composing.

The Fretboard Atlas is live on

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Private Lessons

I love teaching, as it helps me to learn as much as it helps my students to learn. I have very limited availability for students, so please get in touch to see if the timeframe you have in mind is possible! Each lesson is unique, and tailored to each individual student.

I can usually cover any topic a student would like to learn. Some of the topics I have covered in the past include:

- General Fingerstyle Basics

- Irish Music (Traditional Guitar Accompaniment, Irish Trad Fingerstyle, etc.)

- Improving your Guitar Accompaniment skills

- Improving Picking Techniques

- Compositional skills and approaches

- Improvisational skills and approaches

- Learning basic music theory

- Specific songs/tunes/piece of music

- Using Logic Pro X (or alternative DAW software)

If you are interested in taking lessons, either in person or online (via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime), please feel free to get in touch with me at


Payment is required in advance of online lesson(s) via PayPal, prior to the beginning of the lesson(s). I offer a discounted rate for a batch of lessons paid in advance.

Recording Lessons

I recommend to each student that they record their lessons using screen capture software of their choice during the lesson. I recommend ZOOM. The recording of lessons is permitted for personal use. Uploading and/or sharing a lesson without prior approval is not permitted.


Masterclasses & Workshops

At select festivals and concerts, I hold guitar masterclasses and workshops to share my tips and tricks with musicians of all ages and capabilities. I hold these classes and workshops in an open Q&A format, so that the attendees can get answers to the questions they want answered the most.

Workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Sept 2017)
Workshop in Moscow, Russia (May 2019)
Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (March 2019)
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