Wedding Music
by Shane Hennessy

The perfect ceremony & reception option

For the past seven years, I have been a featured musician at many weddings in Ireland. Whether it is for your wedding ceremony, your drinks reception, or even your second-day party, you can be sure that the music I provide will create the perfect atmosphere for your big day! My repertoire is extensive, taking in the full breadth of music from Bach to Billie Eilish - nothing is off the table as far as the 'playlist' for the day.


While I am better known for my solo-guitar work, I am also a vocalist with a speciality in the jazz/swing style. I work with each couple to curate their perfect repertoire list, and even offer unique bespoke arrangements of music for your big day, be they jazz standards, movie themes, pop songs, or anything in between.


Photo Credit: Imagery By Ró


Take a listen to some of my music on my YouTube channel, to get a feel for what I do. There you'll find my guitar arrangements, my original music, and clips from interviews I have done on TV and Radio across the USA and Europe.



I am a guitarist, composer, and singer/songwriter from Carlow, Ireland, who tours internationally. Career highlights to date include a sold-out solo show in The National Concert Hall, four albums of music, and extensive touring in the USA and Europe.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sing?
Yes! I am known more for my guitar-playing style, but I also sing. If you would like me to sing at your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, or second-day party, I am more than happy to throw a few vocals into the mix!


Do you have a setlist?
Yes! Please email me to get a copy of a sample setlist, but be aware that this is a tiny overview of what I can play - nothing is off the table! For ceremonies, I organise the music in advance with the couple and the celebrant. For receptions and second-day parties,  I usually change up what I am playing to suit the mood of the venue.


Can you play a specific piece of music for us?
Yes! I have often arranged specific songs and tunes for couples' big days - anything from The Beatles to Beyoncé! I have a wide repertoire of music to choose from.

I also offer to compose an original piece of instrumental music for your special day, which can be used at any point of your choosing during the ceremony or reception! I follow up with a high-quality audio file of the newly-composed piece for the couple to enjoy.


Do you bring your own equipment?
Yes! I have a very compact and discreet setup, which you can see in the photo. All I require is a chair and a power outlet, and I take care of the rest!