Rain Dance (2020)



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Rain Dance is the third studio album by Irish virtuoso guitarist and composer Shane Hennessy. It was released on April 21st 2020. Culture Ireland supported the release of this album under the #IrelandPerforms initiative, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The album was débuted via a livestream shown simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and VK.com. You can watch this livestream here.

1: Momentum
2: Grove Road
3: Rain Dance
4: Montmartre
5: Bluebirds
6: Frontier
7: L'Isola
8: Nightflying
9: Travelling Tune
10: Trouvailles
11: Jumbo (bonus track)

Album Artist: Shane Hennessy

Produced by Shane Hennessy

Engineering and Mixing by Connor Thomas

Mastering by Marc DeSisto

All tracks composed and arranged by Shane Hennessy

Label: Exchequer Music

©2020 SHANE HENNESSY. US Bookings david@uptownartistgroup.com, DE Bookings daniela.wilde@heimat-pr.de