My sponsors, and companies that have endorsed me as a Brand Ambassador, are listed below. Thank you for your continued support! Please check them out:


I am proud to represent Maton Guitars around the world, using their guitars on stage and in studio. Maton make great stage guitars and, in my opinion, the finest acoustic pickup system in the world. I play a 2016 Maton 'Shane Hennessy Traditional' Custom Shop as my main instrument.


Great gear only sounds great when you've got great cables linking them together. I am proud to use David Laboga Cables from Poland for this reason. The signal is so strong, and the cables don't break.



Once I tried BlueChip Picks, there was no going back. I use a mix of different BlueChip picks, but I mainly use the TP48. No click sounds and a really great feel when you connect with the string.

Udo Rösner Amps are a wonderful acoustic amplification company based in Germany.

I use the Da Capo 75 amp. This amp gives a really wide rich tone to the sound of my guitars.


When it comes to strings, I have an unusual approach but it works for me. Martin Strings are my favourites, and I always play live and record with them. To my ear, my guitars sound best with Martin strings. What I do when I'm not playing live or in studio (i.e. rehearsing, playing at home, etc) I will use whatever other string brand I can find, in order to change the ambient level of tension on the soundboard of the guitar. This technique seems to keep the soundboard more active, and I feel like the Martin strings really hit the sweet spot. Right now my favourites are the Authentic Acoustic Phosphor Bronze 13s (and sometimes 12s).


I use Dunlop medium thumbpicks, and I wear them fairly tight. I also like using their 207 jazz picks.